Co-working space for who?


Co-working spaces create the best of both worlds for freelancers: The flexibility of choosing your own hours and schedule without the isolation.

These shared spaces are thus great for freelancers. A feeling of community is created for those that would otherwise be forced to work alone at home, or a coffee shop.

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Start-ups appreciate the flexibility of coworking spaces. Coworking spaces don’t come with the high costs and commitments of a traditional office leases. They also provide the chance for small teams to interact with others in the space. These spaces also may even help entrepreneurs find a co-founder for their start-up by connecting the right people at the right time.


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Co-working space not only suitable for working people. It also suitable for college student who need comfortable space for their self-study. Besides, normally co-working space have open space at where people can sit and discuss together. Student can benefit this area for their project discussion as well.

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