Christmas Wishes

Getting excited for the year end celebrations this month? So we are! We’ve decorated our very own Christmas trees to share the excitement with our fellow tenants and visitors.

For those who are planning to go back to your hometown for celebrations, kindly make sure that you will practice good precautionary measures in order to keep everyone safe while having fun in all the occasions! Don’t forget to keep your social distances too during the gatherings with your family members and friends.

Well, for those who need to work till a day before the Christmas Day, here are some tips on ‘How to Celebrate Christmas Day during Covid-19 Season at Your Workplace’.

1. Secret Santa Gift Exchange.

Share your love with your colleagues by giving them a simple yet meaningful gift during the celebration. You can even buy a bottle of hand sanitizer and wrap it up nicely for the gift exchange.


2. Make a Wish with Santa.

Get someone fun to dress up as a Santa Clause to distribute lovely gifts to your colleagues! During the ‘Make a Wish’ session with Santa Clause, we can also encourage everyone to share their dreams or goals with Santa!




3. Christmas Photo Booth.

To keep some good memories of the celebrations during this Covid-19 period, you can try to prepare few props and create your own photo booth in the office space. Not forgetting too, to remind everyone in advance to dress up nicely for the photo-shoots!




4. Christmas Party & Games.

To add some fun to your office Christmas celebration, you can also organize a simple party with some games to entertain everyone. Games that can cultivate team spirit among the co-workers would be a superb idea too!



5. Special Movie Night.

It might sounds impossible to arrange a movie night in your office, but why not? You can make it possible with some special arrangement! A good projector, snacks and some comfy seats are suffice! You can also set the theme for the movie night to have fun with your beloved colleagues!

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