7 Main Reasons You Should Consider to Rent a Serviced Office Room

Whether you are working alone as freelancer or new  company to maintain an image and efficiency by renting an office space may require a huge expense. The standard contract for an office space will have you bound to 3-5 years. Not only that, you’ll also have to furnishing the office and buying expensive equipment to suit the requirements of your business However,  you’ve always got another option to rent a fully service office room. Here are just a few key benefits of a serviced office room that we at the GFG Tower Klang believe could benefit you:


  1. Short-term lease options with added flexibility

Nowadays, the majority of businesses typically look for short-term lease agreements which only bind them for a few months. In Malaysia, this arrangement is usually difficult to find but office space at GFG Tower Klang can be rented for short-terms as well as long-terms.


  1. Access to pay-as-you-go facilities

When renting out a serviced office, you’ll only be required to pay for the facilities that you use. So, for example, if you’ve only made use of a meeting room twice through one month, you’ll only have to pay for the rental of those two sessions. However, with our current Office Room package, you will have free two hours using meeting room in a month, free WiFi and free parking onsite.


  1. The Opportunity to test if expanding is the right decision to make for your company

Provided that your business is doing well, you might think of attempting to reach new heights by expanding. If you’d like to try it out for a short time to see how things play out, renting out a serviced office room can help you do this easily once you’ve hired your new employees.


  1. No Wasting time when moving

When you’re making a move to another office, setting up might take a considerable amount of time and manpower. But when moving to a serviced office, like the GFG Tower, everything is already set up. This includes everything from desks, chairs along with other office equipment and communications systems (telephones and internet). So, in making the move to one of our offices, you can rest assured there will be absolutely no time wasted in setting up upon your move.


  1. Access to high-quality equipment and trained staff

Hiring trained staff and purchasing equipment will require a huge amount of money. You’ll not only have to pay extra wages, but you’ll also have to fork out money on equipment too. However, when you opt to rent out serviced office room at GFG Tower, we will take care of all of it for you. We  have a luxury lobby with receptionist , cleaner and maintenance staff.


  1. Maintenance and cleaning 

Whether the coffee machine has stopped working, office chairs have broken or the office simply just needs a good cleaning, at some point you’ll eventually need to fork out money to maintain the office under regular rental agreements. Yet, our fully serviced offices at GFG Tower are different. We maintain and clean the office for you instead. So, in essence there will be no need to pay for anything that needs replacing or the hiring of cleaners.
If you’re thinking about renting a fully serviced office room, GFG Tower offers reasonable rental agreements.


7. Rest area

You may want to relax yourself after sitting and stay long hours in office room. Therefore, in GFG Tower we have rest area like leisure room and lounge at where you can sit, play and relax your mind.


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