5 Fantastic Office Colour Ideas That You May Love!

Sometimes, having a comfortable office will improve our mood and productivity. For certain individual or organisation, they believe that office environment and decoration may reflect their images. Therefore, it is understandable that this people willing to spend extra penny for their office. However, this doesn’t mean comfortable and great decoration always expensive.

Take this office colour ideas to “pretty” your office, increase your productive and feel motivation every day.

  1. Grey Minimal Office Design

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Grey Minimal Office design idea suitable for those who love things simple but have sense of style. Not only that, with this design, you can minimise time for cleaning. Normally, more decoration things in a room or space means more thing we need to clean. Therefore if you love simple and less time to clean you can consider this. Besides, grey colour  become more and more popular nowadays because grey colour can bring the sense of luxury and classy. Love it? Go for it!

2. Black Office Design

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If you love something more darker and warm, this maybe your choice. Black interior office room design can give you a sense of warm environment. Not too bright and also not too dark. Black interior design sometime can bring luxury feeling if you can choose right furniture or decoration accessories for it.

3.  Greenish Office

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There are people who really love green and natural environment. Their house backyard and front-yard full with green. These people are special because they can spend their time to plant and taking care on those green creator. Not because they have so much time, but it because it maybe the way for them to release their stress or their hobby.

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So, if you not type love to plant or taking care plant , do it has to mean that you must forget the idea for greenish office? No! If you love green colour, you still can design your office elegantly, instead having a real plant, you can use fake plant or you can simply paint and choose green furniture.

4. White Interior Design

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White bright colour improve the environment illumination. If dark colour can give sense of warm and cozy, while white colour give may give you sense of clean, bright and spacious. Similar as dark colour, with correct combination, white colour can give you feel of luxury and executive.

5. Pink Design

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Yeah.. Think about pink, we think about lady right? It is quite rare to see an office within a company using this colour design but they are exist because the boss love PINK. old time, pink synonym to lady but today, pink for us more to cherish, lovely and lively.

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